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Welcome to the Paranet Manufacturing Community!

Private Advisory Groups

As a member, the core of your experience will be your Private Advisory Group.  Our groups are typically built around a discipline such as senior operations, marketing or human resources but they also can be built around a process such as continuous improvement, innovation or leadership.  The average number of members in a group ranges from 10-12. They meet anywhere from 6 - 12 times per year depending on the group.

One on One Coaching

While prospective members may not see this as a cornerstone of their membership, it will be a meaningful experience.  This is the time when it's all about you.  During the coaching experience we want to know what your goals are, where would you like to be in the next few years, explore your leadership ability and help you achieve success.  There are four formal coaching sessions per year, one each quarter. 

DiSC Behavior Assessment

All Paranet members receive a DiSC Behavior Assessment and debrief session.  This is a great communication tool and allows members to look at themselves and see how other perceive them.  Members learn how to adapt their behavior for better outcomes.

25+ Learning Events

Paranet develops several learning opportunities each year for you and your team.  The events range from tours, roundtables, speaker events, and significant interest meetings around trending topics.

Annually members participate in:

All Member Leadership Day

Factory Crawl

Workshops and training events are developed ad hoc and members enjoy a significant price reduction. 

Ask the Network

This is a unique membership benefit that allows members to ask the network a question or make a request.  Requests range from a member looking for parts in an emergency, to wondering what other manufacturers do as a matter of policy in a myriad of circumstances. 

Members Only Web Access

Members access the Private Advisory Group information including roster, meeting schedules, meeting notes as well as a discussion forum.  A great way to keep in touch between meetings. 

Members make time for their Paranet Group experience. 

Paranet exceeds your ROI investment of dollars and time.

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